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About Belle Femme Collections

 “La Belle Femme” a very popular French word pronounced as La Bel-Fem, which is commonly known and in English translates into The Beautiful Woman.

Belle Femme Enterprise (Reg No. 002214336-P) is a Malaysian registered trading company which proudly presents Belle Femme Collections, an online retail store that carries wide selections of fashionable items and accessories. Ranging from stylish bracelets and necklaces to fancy glittery nail art accessories. Belle Femme Collections was established in the early 2013, based on the team’s strong personal passion for the fashion and beauty industry, together with the interest to introduce its selection of products to the female community that share similar passion and interest.

Belle Femme Collections is the store that every woman can depend on to help transform and bring out the beauty in them. The online accessory retail store that can assist every woman from their daily accessorizing fashion needs, to moments requiring one to be and feel sophisticated and glamorous.

A wide selection of extremely attractive and yet affordable items are at your finger tips and just a few clicks away. Take your time to browse through our items to see which of them can help make your fashion life a more chic and fashionable one.

Belle Femme Collections do not wish to limit or restrict anyone’s fashion interest, so Belle Femme Collections can and will cater to both local and international orders. Standard shipping rates apply to local Malaysian orders, while international order shipping rates are to be advised upon request and confirmation of region.